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Simpson Air started servicing the Bay in early April 2019. With many years of experience in residential and commercial work, Benjamin Simpson decided to start his venture in providing heat pump and air conditioning installations to keep kiwis warm in winter and cool in summer. Ben’s primary focus is quality workmanship and outstanding service, and ensures every customer is satisfied with the service provided.
SIMPSON AIR Heat pumps, Air con, Ducted Systems and servicing

Our Services

Air Con / Heat Pumps

We have plenty of options from hi-walls, to floor console heat pumps to satisfy your needs. Heat pumps will heat, cool and dehumidify any specific room required.

Ducted Systems

Ducted systems are perfect if you are wanting to heat or cool the entire house. With the inside unit sitting in the roof space, it has ducting running to each room blowing warm or cold air via a central controller or on your mobile phone.

Heat Pump Servicing

We recommend getting a service on your heat pump yearly to ensure your heat pump gets the most life out of it as possible. We treat the inside and outside coils, test refrigerant pressure to ensure it isn’t leaking and clean deep inside the indoor and outdoor unit to remove dirt and mould etc.

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We have a wide range of heat pumps to suit every household

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